Chemistry to Console the World
Toward building a sustainable society.

With an increase in awareness towards environmental problems worldwide, the demands for and expectations of chemistry are increasing.
At OHARA, we place importance on creating a rich and sustainable life, which is harmonious with the environment. And putting to use the know-how we have garnered since our establishment, we have continued and will continue to work constantly towards creation of new value with chemistry.

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ISO 14001, Environment Management System Certification

OHARA & CO., LTD. acquired ISO 14001, Environment Management System Certification, on March 6, 2002.


Environmental Policy

Basic Principle

Through the promotion of our business practices, we at OHARA focus all of our energies into activities, products, and services with the goals of conserving the natural ecosystem and contributing to the bettering of the global environment.

Action policy

  • Use the extensive experience we have accumulated as a specialized chemical product trading company, we present construction concepts of environment cycling system for a wide-ranged industry and offer related activities, products and services. Through all of this, we strive to contribute to improvement of the global environment.
  • We strive towards conservation of energy and resources, reduction of our discharge and waste and pollution prevention.
  • In the promotion of business activities, we strictly abide by laws and regulations related to environmental conservation as well as our self-imposed controls.
  • We have created and operate an environmental management system based on this environmental policy. Also we conduct revisions of the operational status of system at regular intervals.
  • We implement through organization this environmental policy and strive towards its promotion and maintenance. Also we provide third parties with public written records of this environmental policy constantly.