By providing diverse values for the life cycles for all of our products,
we continue to create new business models globally.

Technological innovations in the field of chemistry,
including new materials and new energy development, are advancing without limits.
We provide materials, products, information and services with new value in a flexible business set-up.
In addition to domestic sales in Japan, we also export and import products, while adding to overseas network.
Our business range is expanding on a global scale.

Chemical Solutions
We supply industrial materials and chemical products for a variety of manufacturing sites inside and outside of Japan, focusing on providing support for the product development of manufacturers. With the extensive experience and information we have accumulated as a specialized trading company as well as a rich lineup of diverse transaction partners, we continue to supply superior products.
With an increase in the trade volume following the development of the region of China and Southeast Asia, OHARA endeavors towards entire distribution both inside and outside of Japan. We strive for strengthening in international competitiveness. Also, we implement the solution of cost reduction for delivery and strive towards commodity distribution structure beneficial to both manufacturers and users as a specialized trading company.
We acutely pick up on market trends and user needs, create sales strategies and promote sales. Furthermore, we freely exploit information gained through the mobility of a specialized trading company and exert it for cultivation of new market.
OHARA places environment related business as one of our main business. We are actively expanding the offering of products designed for optimum performance in the framework of "reduce-reuse-recycle" as well as resource materials and products created with consideration towards the environment. Also, we are involved in creating society-wide recycling systems based on new ideas developed daily.